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About Trainning Rio Heroes

Trainning Instructions

Follow up the best Jiu Jitsu moves for your fitness and safety. Practice this powerful martial art from a top notch expert in the field, Master Jorge Pereira! At his Miami Beach gym and all around the USA, you will learn to take care of your body and master this technics. You will be at peace anywhere!

Anytime, anywhere, Jiu Jitsu must be complete!!!

In this trainning sessions we explore different situation combats.

Strikes and defense standing up and on the ground fighting.

We work aspects like safe block or attack, takedown types, guards and postures, keep distance close or far.

On trainning we put just 30% of intensity , because the goal is to focus the strokes variations, study how to execute all movement aspects.

We have different training intensity in combination with our different goals!!!

Step by step we build the techniques and confidence for hard action!!!

Jiujitsu must be complete!!!

Bear Hug Takedown

In this practice I show the guys how to close the distance for a bear hug takedown.

I use a fencing style move with my arms to get near and control my opponent's hip.

It's very important that the body is all connected, keeping the hips together.

To finish the takedown I make a hook with my leg without stepping on the floor, landing over my knee.

With this I avoid any possiblity of a accidental genitals hit.

Always keep your head close to the opponent's chest and hands controling his lower back,
this way you break totally his posture and base.

Closing Distance Street Guard Defense

In this situation I'm showing how to close distance in street guard to completely neutralize the opponent's possible strikes.

I use my legs to pull the opponent's body in a close distance to mine. Enlace one of the arms, closing my elbow to my body and have total control of his arm. I control his head with my hand behind his neck, bringing his head to my chest, avoiding any possibilities of headbutts. And I use my leg to defend my lower body for any strikes.

After controlling the opponent you have a leg to ankle strike his kidneys and hook his leg to make the sweep.

Distance is most important, whether you keep a safe distance from the striker or pull him close to your body.

Don’t touch, don’t get hurt!

Keeping the right distance is primordial in the art of clinch.
We master the distance and not the strikes ( kicks or punches ).
On this drill I’m showing with Zyon how to manage distance and neutralize the striker in entrance.
A pre-emptive defense with attack!

A Complete Warm Up Before Your Trainning

Prepare your muscles to endure any effort

Elevate body temperature is your first step

Aerobic improvement will be achieved before sports

By understanding the right way of breathing

A good warm up highly reduce injurie possibilities

Helps the youth body development

Master Jorge Pereira Jiu Jitsu workout method

Burns so much calories

In addition to a martial art practice

It's an excelent fitness exercise!

Jiu-jitsu Biceps Lock

On the ground guard, lock opponent biceps with your leg,
grab opponent's opposite ankle,
make the rotation,
use your weight to press the opponent on the floor.

"Well, well, well. How the turntables..." - Michael Scott

Fast disarm for a fast situation

In this critical situation trainning, Zyon practice extracting a gun out of his attacker.

With one hand he strikes a punch at the attacker wrist, grab and twist to lock the wrist. The other hand goes to the weapon sword in a shell shape to grab the weapon and twist to the defender opposite side till the weapon turns pointed to the attacker.

Very dangerous street defense, must be well trained. Gracie Jiu-jitsu firearm counter attack and hazard neutralize.

Jiu-Jitsu for tournaments or just for fitness?

De lasso sweep with arm lock submition in the end. With control of the opponent's arm and leg(De lasso) rotate your body and sweep your oppnent torso to the side. In Gracie jiu-jitsu, submission is the only way. So I connected with a variation of arm lock. In my arm lock version I do a triangle with legs instead of passing my leg over the opponents head (traditional armlock). This way your opponent is not able to come on top in anyway. I keep total control and avoid escaping the arm lock.

Don't touch, please!

Defense for bear hug from the back over the arms. Don't mind how strong you are, with Gracie's Jiu Jitsu lever system you can easely take down your opponent. No fear. Improve your confidence and trust.!

"If you want peace, prepare for war" - Sun Tzu

Technical Standing Up is One the Most Important Skills in Street Defense

Street fight is fast and sudden. It's a 30 seconds to a maximum 2 minutes time.
Here I stand up fast in a crossed guard situation, moving my hip to the side, avoiding my attacker using his weight to control my body. Instead of pushing the opponent's back, you push him sideways, requiring less force to be applied, maximizing the move having gravity as your friend.

And, of course, connecting a technical standing up, which gives me multiple choices to counter attack. In this video a head kick was my option. Oops, sorry!

In the streets you are not interested in exercising your guard. You want to solve the problem and go home safe.

Jiu-jitsu for your protection!

Street guard has thousand ways to neutralize the opponent

Here I'm doing a punch in the guard defense. Holding the opponent's arm and ending the position with an inverted arm lock. I push his leg with my foot while I pull his arm to myself, passing my leg over his arm, completing the move with an inverted arm lock, opponent facing the floor.

This lessons are focused on urban conflict defenses. Pay attention on the many alternatives in each situation.

Jorge Pereira Old School techniques taught at Sensei Wander Braga's gym, Huntersville, Noth Caroline.

Teaching is my life!

Here I'm showing the body movement for "de lasso" sweep with arm lock submission finishing.

I'm adjusting the correct position of the student's leg. Oriented switching his foot from the opponents hips to leg inner, loosen his leg, allowing him to rotate his torso, leveling the opponent to the ground.

A peaceful environment is necessary for a good attention. All students must fell safe all the time in the practice of the art.

Showing superiority can finish bad

Wrist lock is an effective, fast and painful technique. You will make sure no one will not try to grab you again. This is a very important move for women, they face this kind of approach more than males. It helps you avoid anyone to drag you for another place, or push you from some place. Take care of the business. Jiu-jitsu for your defense!

Back Off! I'm a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Woman!

"Pisão", aka side kick. One of the most traditionals moves of Gracie jiu-jitsu repertoire. You measure the distance of your opponent, beeing able to keep distance if necessary, or to close the distance to avoid the opponent strike. When you are close in distance, you bring the striker for the world of jiu-jitsu.

Side kick works as a power enhancement when you bring your knee to your chest line and explode the energy on the target. Similar to a horse kick. Size does not matter anything when the technic is well applied.

This is a private session at Rio Heroes Jorge Pereira Miami Beach Gym.
The learning process is faster and deeper with a one on one session method.
Come to learn the art of brazilian jiu-jitsu in a totally safe environment. You will learn the very best in the safest way.

Seminar 8 degree coral belt Gracie Jiu jitsu

North Carolina seminar made for a great crew.

Here I am with my black belt Wander Braga. Showing for the students defense from punching inside the guard. With kick in the face and technical standing up.

This is the street guard. Jiu Jitsu for your defense is different from the dojo.
Medals on the wall are nice, But never better than keeping your teeth inside your mouth.

This is one of the most effective guard defense technique.

Jiu Jitsu for competition and for your defense, for your practice and pleasure.

Stand Up Sparring

Jiu Jitsu is the most complete martial art. Efficient both on the ground and standing up. You will be ready for combat anywhere.

In this practice, Zyon develops his skills on a fist fight mode environment. He used press kicks to measure distance so he could apply a punch right on the spot, surprinsing his oppenent, scoring points.

The most important thing in the trainnning is keeping safe with the right equipments. Master Jorge Pereira Academy provides alll the protective gear for a safe sparring.

Trainning in all situations is important to make things totally real.

One Hand Collar Choke

Seminar at Rio Heroes Pereira BJJ MMA Gym by Luis Carlos Manimal, old school Carlson Gracie Team.
Zyon applying a one hand collar choke in guard position, wich means he has the opponent between his legs.

Here, mma starts early. Zyon First MMA Fight

My son, Zyon, was 13 years old in this trainning fight. He approached with some punches, connected a stand-up guillotine, pulled from the guard and submitted the opponent. Fighting in a cage requires discipline and commitment, dedication and a lot of warrior spirit. When you train for that, you grow as better person.