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The history about Jorge Pereira

This tv series produced by Mixer Films, NBCUniversal e Fox Brasil shows the path created by Jorge in the underground Vale Tudo championship events. A glance on the controversial path that untill today is heavily critized by the "square" media, as it is loved by the martial arts audience. Jorge Pereira promoted in Rio de Janeiro a spetacular competition without strands. No rules, no gloves, no clock, no gender, no fear. Trully a committee for gladiator and warriors to prove who's really the best. His reputation from theese events, and as an old school Gracie Jiu Jitsu Master, made him a public icon in the martial arts world. Above follows some of the media press hi participated.

Warning: Viewer Discretion is Advised

Rio Heroes on set, backstage of Fox series by Duda Nagle

Season 1 tv show making of and production press kit

Fox Rio Heroes Season 2 making of

Season 2 tv show making of and production press kit

Vale tudo - Rio Heroes at Record

Record tv channel news report about Rio Heroes underground fights

Jorge Pereira Fighter: street fight, no gloves, no rules

Jorge iterview at Leda Nagle's Youtube channel

History of Vale Tudo

Jorge's interview about the roots of Gracie Jiu Jitsu

Rio Heroes, how was Brazil's most bloody vale tudo event?

Jorge gives his experience insights on Youtube channel Connect Cast

Rio Heroes Fight (real violence) No Gloves

A classic MMA vs Muay thai bare knucle fight hosted by Jorge, also as referee

Rio Heroes Santos vs. Gledson MMA Fight

Cage fight between Cafu Santos and Jose Gledson